An Eco-Friendly Velvet Circus

Eco-Friendly Living.  It’s a hot topic in today’s Western society.  And rightly so! Our Planet has been crying out to us for more than a few generations, trying to evoke us to respond to a growing global epidemic.  Mother Nature is suffering the pain and consequences of humanities neglectful actions. But, the pressing question is… how many people are really making conscious changes towards living in a sustainable way?

Gratefully, many people are starting to make small but significant improvements to live more intentionally.  Individuals are becoming more awake for the need to protect our planet and the environment through our daily choices and practices as individuals, businesses and communities!

Once we started to be inspired and more educated about the damaging effects of global warming, carbon footprints and plastic pollution (thanks to some great planetarian advocates) our hearts warmed to Mother Nature, our attitudes changed and our actions adjusted in response.  

Let’s be honest.  Changing your behaviour from the ‘way it’s always been done’ isn’t easy for any human being.  We struggle somewhat with the concept of change, especially when it costs us inconvenience and a little dent in bank balance!  

We needed to think with a little more imagination and creativity to work in a sustainable way.  But, the good news is… ‘creative’ is something us designers, artists and stylists are very good at.  So, we welcomed the change and the challenge. Surprisingly, there were more than enough ways to ensure we were cutting down on our waste and improving as eco-friendly citizens.

Let us show you how we’ve started to make some super simple but effective improvements that ‘Velvet Circus Ibiza’ has put in place as company policy to ensure we are working towards a more environmentally friendly future.


Biodregradable – Plastic Free Purchasing.

Perhaps the easiest step you can take is to eliminate plastic. We no longer purchase ‘bubble wrap’ for our fragile decoration and rental items.  Of course, there is still bubble wrap on site (which was previously purchased) but we have now moved onto buying only recycled packaging and biodegradable corrugated papers.  We try to avoid balloons. Plastic is out. However, when clients really have their heart set on having balloons as part of their styling we politely try to encourage them to opt for biodegradable balloons.  We also opt for confetti cannons which are also biodegradable, way better for the environment!

Wax tea light candles are also a big problem to the environment!  They burn quickly and  are then thrown away, adding waste disposal costs.  Most candles come in some type of individual packaging and tea lights can come in individual wrappers create a lot of waste bio product that are unnecessary.  


Recycle and Upcycle

Recycling should be a pretty standard practice for today’s society.   Naturally, anything that can be separated and recycled as per our local recycling requirements is reinforced. However, we also consciously focus on upcycling as much material as possible .  If we can take anything and reuse it time and time again, we will. For example, keeping fresh floral designs and drying them out can make beautiful ongoing arrangements for future events, we even make use of old palm leaves and pampas grass found locally on the island to create them into an authentic designs rather than buying and transporting products constantly.  Our carbon footprint is massively impacting the planet everytime we purchase something from far away… all that transportation movement where carbon is  released into the atmosphere from the distance between your suppliers and you! Remember, small steps and little thoughts like these make life little more kinder to our environment.

The main question that remains is: why aren’t more and more businesses and individuals thinking the same? What is your buisness doing to ensure an eco-friendly attitude? We pledge you to take a good think and do your best to ensure your making a change!

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