Elegant Bohemian Wedding Styling

The festival. During the revolution of the 60’s everything from politics, women’s rights, drugs, religion, war, music, fashion and sexuality turned from a quiet conventional status into a bold, beautiful, outspoken, free and even a little chaotic…

Here was the rise of the festival.

Although history would suggest it began way way back during Ancient Greece, a significant time was born with the “Flower Power” generation. There was a new found love for “freedom of expression” that bought a fierce culture; and along with this fierce culture came a new style of living; and with a new style of living, came fashion.

Over the decade that followed, we found the power of the Hippies. One of the most influential reform movements in history. Their clothing deliberately promoted homogeneity, ecological consciousness and they fluidly wore theatrical, historical or mythological costumes; so they could not be identified with contemporary society. And, so forth there was a rise in an unusual combination of materials which ranged from satin, embroidery, feathers, rough surfaces and even nudity with tribal paints and headdresses. And this is the style we most associate with festival life in today’s society.

It is this ‘craze’ that gave identity to the official bohemian fashion style. And, when we take a look at the festival bride you can still see the stamp of the hippies and bohos everywhere; the recycling of vintage clothes, old fabrics with its wear and tear, wall hangings, feathers, floral headdresses, earthy natural designs, circled ceremonies and so on and so on; all of which is used to flood a wedding day for that 70’s vintage festival modern replica.

So, if you’re considering an elegant bohemian wedding and being the ultimate elegant bohemian bride there are definitely a few important styling details that need to be on your mood board to execute this particular style.

  • Venue

It goes without saying, but your venue needs to be representative of your chosen style. Many times Ibizan weddings are associated with stylish beach clubs and sweeping views of the Mediterranean sea. However, we are seeing an increase in those traditional country farmhouses, fincas and agroturismos being selected with lush and well-maintained gardens and lawns. The most ideal setting for a festival wedding. Think of your venue as the backdrop canvas for your style. A luxury hotel or beach club is not going to give the same vibe.

  • Lighting

Lighting is paramount, especially during sunset evenings and as the nightlife sets in to create your desired atmospheric impression. The good news is with festival themes, its relatively straightforward. Garden festoon lighting or even bulks of fairy lights will do the trick. It’s magical and incredibly fun. Set up can be a bit of leg work so having an effective lighting team will help take the stress out of the installations. Hang them from trees, entrances, ceremony arches, add a few colourful basket style lanterns and you have yourself the basis for an actual festival.

  • Flowers & Greenery

The hippy period was all about love for the planet and all things created. Paired with their ecological stand with the environment, it was no wonder that flowers and botanicals became a big part of their identity. We would highly recommend as many up-cycled floral displays the correct selection of dried or fresh flowers can naturally give an amazing vintage appearance. Pampas grass is one of our favourites and brings a true authentic bohemian energy to any room. This style brings life to your festival dream and reflects a love for the wild outdoors, just as the hippies had advocated.

    • Statement Decor

The 70’s loved macrame wall hangings which is a recently revived trend that has very much returned to the bohemian – Nordic interior design scene. Statement decor like this, even if a few pieces are an absolute must. The great news is, you also have a wedding souvenir to take home as a memory. If that’s not something you wish to spend out on in your wedding budget then equally a few scattered dream catchers will be just as effective blowing in the haze of the cool evening breeze; but if it’s something you’ve got your heart set on then definitely take a look at some macrame ceremony arches. They are sure to completely capture that festival feeling.

  • Rugs and Chill out Areas

When you think of a scene or a photograph with hippies at festivals they are basically all on the grass, sitting smoking, playing guitar or listening to music. This is the exact space that you want to create.

Obviously, we wouldn’t invite our guests to enjoy the ground in their fancy chosen attire; so chill out areas should be ‘big’ on the styling list. Set up a tipi tent with an indoor bar and subsequent chill out areas. Think moroccan poufs and ethnic rugs with low key wooden crates for tables.

  • Tablescapes

Keep those tablescapes down to a minimum. Simple flowers with with an eclectic mix or diverse styles of crockery and cutlery, for candle lighting, handwritten wild calligraphy name placements, maybe even some bold or earthy coloured napkins on the table. We love the thought of rustic wooden long length tables with benches but comfort often has to compromise with style but ‘wood’ is definitely the way forward.

  • Crowns and Headdresses

The hippies as part of symbolism often wore crowns and headdresses. You can really go as crazy as you want as the ‘bride and groom’ for this. After all it’s your big day. But, we think a big basket of stylish silk floral crowns or bohemian feathered bands really gets every guest into the festival spirit and will make those wedding photos an absolute dream.


Elegant Bohemian weddings are an absolute dream to style and are so much fun for everyone involved. If you’re looking to get married in Ibiza; be sure to contact us at Velvet Circus. We have a huge range of decorative furniture and all those stylish pieces you may need to complete your wedding day whatever your chosen style or theme.

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