Velvet Circus founder and creative director Danielle Hodgson-Lindley lives in the bohemian heart of Ibiza with her husband, James and their small son, Fox. Growing up in the wild north of England, Danielle found beauty and poetry among the windswept moors, atmospheric forests and fragile nature of her homeland.

Upon moving to Ibiza in 2012, Danielle’s innate talent for creating beauty led her to become the lead stylist for Ibiza Weddings – from there the seed for Velvet Circus was sown. Taking cues from Danielle’s own imagination– the name was inspired the enchanting novel The Night Circus – Velvet Circus has evolved over a decade to become Ibiza’s premier event styling agency and a byword for clarity, creativity and craftsmanship.

Prints, colour palettes and tonal, textural layers are the hallmark of the studio and Danielle’s own influence in shaping the visual aesthetic of Ibiza’s events is unsurpassed. As the world of interiors styling and tablescaping has evolved, so has Velvet Circus’ vision, highlighting our ability to inspire, to innovate and to imagine the impossible.

What we do

Under Danielle’s creative direction, the team at Velvet Circus curate visual poetry from the worlds of theatre, art, architecture, fashion and culture, crafting dreamy event décor that seduces both the eye and the senses.

Calling on inspiration as diverse as nature, literature and the celestial realms, we create magical event styling for an endless array of gatherings, from a formal 200-person birthday dinner at the Six Senses Ibiza to an intimate moonlit marriage ceremony on a private beach. Collaborating with Ibiza’s most innovative artisans, we design, make and deliver décor to match any occasion, from simple and elegant place settings to large-scale sculpture and props.

In our luminous Ibiza showroom, we also stock a vast range of styling equipment to hire, from furniture to decorations, lighting, tableware and linens, available both with or without a Velvet Circus stylist.