Wedding Trends 2019 – Wilder and Whimsical

Without a shadow of a doubt floristry is a major ‘must’ in any Wedding. Everything from the church, reception, tablescapes, Bride, Bridesmaids and even the guests are adorned with arrays of flowers. And what a beautiful language they have of their own!

In recent years the rise of floral design and installation art in the wedding industry has significantly ‘bloomed’. Floral design is a much needed collaboration in the styling scene as more and more couples of 2019 are looking for something a little more (actually a lot more) than the average centrepiece. And it’s definitely a trend here to stay, at least for a while yet!

As it stands for 2019 – the more wilder the better. The more organic, natural and whimsical the better.

However, don’t be mistaken. More wilder, whimsical and natural – in its simplest form. The minimalist style is key to this trend! Neutral colour canvas´ with blush pinks, pastels and clean finishes are what holds this visionary style together. Pure elegance.

So, move over big bold floristry and abundance of roses everywhere. Here’s the floral ‘wild and whimsical’ 2019.



It’s hot on the list right now. And one Velvet Circus recently showered Ibiza Bridal Week with as part of their venue styling and event decoration – Pampas Grass.
Instead of bending towards the traditional green foliage, many weddings are opting to invite the soft, wheat coloured, feather-like grass as floral decoration for ceremony arches, aisles and installations.
These trending grasses are incredibly chic, humble, and add a natural beach or country bohemian appearance to any canvas.
If you’re looking for a neutral colour palette for your wedding theme, with a lasting marked impression, then Pampas Grass is definitely a signature floral alternative that is unique and one of its kind. Perfect for an Ibiza Wedding.



Whilst Green foliage has always been a very popular choice for a classic base shade, in 2019 we see green taking more and more of the lime-light. Small splashes of green plants, palm leaves, fresh bamboo stalks, cactus plants and olive branches periodically arranged is the new fresh wedding day appearance.
We are constantly finding ourselves as stylist ditching those traditional round tables and instead now seating guests on long banquet style tables with centre rows of foliage and low key flowers. Those intense and rigid colour schemes are out and we are seeing the simplicity of just one or even two colours used in a variety of shades and tones weaved throughout grasses or greenery.


Soft Coral

Of course for some of us a little bolder colour is needed to suit your individual personality in all this ‘wild and whimiscal’. Well, how about taking a look at a new and very exciting trend to hue your day. Something a little more brighter, something a little more pinky-orange than the pink pastel range – coral.
Keep those neutral background colour palettes and add a little minimalistic soft coral to your day. Its the perfect summer wedding style and a shade you can play around with in the form of drinks, cake insipration, make-up, shoes and bridesmaid dresses. A hint of coral may just be the happy-couple colour you’ve been looking for!


Floral Canopy

Transform your wedding ceremony or venue with floral canopies. An empty space can literally catapult your wedding ambience into a magical fairytale or a stylish contemporary floral gallery with the use beautiful overhead foliage, archway floral designs and even single piece installation art. If you’re contemplating a floral canopy for your wedding, choose a design that will best fit the venue space and one that will immediately draw attention to the beauty of its styling.


And, so with all event styling for weddings, we hope to have inspired you with some of the floral trends for 2019. Collaboration with your floral designer is paramount and requires a lot of working together with your event stylist to ensure the overall look and feel your big day is achieved. Check out our Work

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